Games removed from app store

games removed from app store

Sometimes Apple removes apps from the App Store. But just because the app is gone doesn't mean you can't install it--if you know these tricks. Having said that, there are more than a few games we wish we had backed up before they were pulled from the App Store. Join us in. Here are five iOS apps that are no longer available but are worth having. If you have one 5 iOS apps you should've bought before they were pulled from the App Store . The 10 Mac games you need to play from June. As you might expect, this resulted in virtual boyfriends spurting out all manner of filthy remarks to unwitting players. Search the site GO. What now freemium pay2win actually pay2continu. On the surface, you can see how Awesome Baby Names got through the Apple approval process. Kawaii Killer By Tabemasu Games Apple pulled this cute but cartoonishly violent slice 'em up from the App Store just after its general release, giving developer Tabemasu the explanation "Killing adorable animals does strip video poker meet the App Store guidelines.


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